Our history...

Take care of women

Former midwife, I am changing my activity in 2018 to continue to take care of you, but this time in a different way.

In middle school, my sister made fun of the hours I spent preparing my outfits for the next day. It's true that I love it, like going to thrift stores, watching fashion shows and looking for an answer to this inescapable question:

" What would go well with that dud? " »

feel beautiful

For me, getting dressed is a way of feeling good. Choose comfortable clothes and looks that represent a part of us. Give yourself confidence by assuming a style in which you feel beautiful. Spending a good time with her friends discussing our latest finds...

Whatever our ages, origins, professions, periods, we all deserve to feel good . We have a duty to grant ourselves this pleasure, futile for some but essential for our balance, that of deciding on a part of
what we are by the way we dress.

The pleasure of choosing the setting in which we will live our lives, our moments of happiness, like our galleys.

Share my passion

To share this passion, after several years in maternity and the birth of my two daughters, I decided to retrain and opened the first Et Suzette store. Between these four walls and through social networks, I share my selections and offer advice on how to put together your Suzette look.

Suzette is relaxed , feminine and has a trendy side. Neither too simple nor too complicated, neither too bland nor too flashy. Suzette is the balance that suits me. The look in which I feel comfortable and ready to face everyday life.

Living places

With the help of my mother and my sister, I opened the first store in Armentières, my home town. It is also a city marked by the textile industry of which it was a high place in the 19th century. It seemed to me to make sense that Suzette was born in " the city of the canvas" which once had so many weaving and spinning factories. This city and Flanders inspire my outfits
winter clothes, knits, comfortable jeans, jackets...

Create a universe

Despite the difficulties of being both a mother and an entrepreneur, a community was quickly created. Maybe because you felt that I do this from the heart. To meet the growing demand, I am launching an online store in 2019 and opening a second physical store in Dunkirk, the place of my summer vacation which inspires me.
summer outfits, dresses, a pair of sandals, light fabrics that fly in the wind.

meet together

Thank you all for allowing me to transcribe my universe, collection after collection and for having had the opportunity to expand the Suzette family.

We are now a team of 5 women to welcome you in store or to prepare your orders with always the same mantra that the carnival-goers of Dunkirk will recognize:

“And when we love each other, there is no problem”.

We will give everything to continue to improve Suzette

♡ Manon ♡

Join us !

To follow the adventure, see our looks or to pass us a sweet word, join us on the social networks Instagram , Facebook and Tiktok .

Those who can, do not hesitate to come and say hello to us in store, we often organize events and parties there.

14 rue du Marechal Foch,
59280, Armentieres

35 pl. Emile Bollaert,
59140, Dunkirk